2X Bundle Discount Mi Air Purifier™

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Do you suffer from excessive snoring that affects your sleep quality?

Does your partner constantly complain about the noise?

Snoring is not only irritating for you and your partner, it can also be fatal. The condition has been linked to heart and metabolic disease!


We have the SOLUTION for you!


Our Air Purifier device is designed to solve all of your snoring problems, allowing you to have a refreshing night's sleep night after night, with absolute comfort. 

With its compact size and versatile modern shell, the Air Purifier is the product you need.


The Solution was right under our nose.
The Air Purifier gently stents and dilates the nasal airways allowing snorers to breathe more easily through their nose and keeps their mouth closed during sleep. As a result, this reduces the vibrations in the airways that can cause disruptive snoring.


How Does it Work?
When we are asleep, our muscles become more relaxed causing them to narrow, and may even sometimes close off temporarily. The air passing through the minimal opening can cause the tissues surrounding the opening to vibrate, which in turn can cause the sounds you hear from snoring. 

The specially designed snore reduction vents offers effective dilation of the nostrils to let the air flow through more efficiently. Peaceful sleeping and smoother clean breathing will not just be a dream.




Benefits of the Air Purifier 

  • Treats snoring by purifying air intake through a specially designed filter system. 
  • Supports open nostril structure allowing air to pass freely, preventing collapsing of airways that causes snoring
  • Portable, versatile and lightweight - perfect for use while travelling


  • How long does it last? Is it disposable?  
  • How do I clean the Air Purifier?
  • How long does delivery take for the product?

- The Air Purifier can be used multiple times and is not a single use product. There is no need for any special accessories as everything is included in the package.

 - Please use a clean and damp cloth to cleanse the outer casing of the device to ensure the device remains clean. 

- The delivery time depends on the country of destination. We ship worldwide for free but please allow for up to 5 days order processing and up to 8-21 days for delivery.



Not available in stores, online exclusive!



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